Web Development

Only 15 Seconds! That is the amount of time you have to catch the viewer’s attention. In that time you have to sell your idea to them, while ensuring they have an optimal viewing experience. A major part of today’s internet content is viewed via mobile phones, tablets and other devices. This is where our expertise in Responsive Web Design comes in useful. We will ensure your website looks Fantastic irrespective of the viewing medium! Using numerous state of the art tools like Magneto, Drupal, Joomla and Word Press, our design team will bring your business vision to life.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is the new buzz word in the internet world. Let us help you enjoy all the benefits of SEO and increase traffic to your website. Our team of strategists will utilize various On-Page and Off-Page organic processes to ensure that your website makes it right to the top in all major search engine results .The higher placed your website is ,the greater the chance of visitor hits. We then capitalize on this by providing the visitors a speedy and reliable viewing experience, thus ensuring the casual views are converted to actual sales. This will help you build your brand value and increase your market share within a short time span.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Strategy involves both organic and paid marketing techniques to ensure your brand gets maximum visibility. We use our vast experience of working with paid advertising technologies like Google Ad Words to get your advertisements strategically placed, thus increasing your conversion rates. Our expertise after a thorough research, will effective apply and manage digital marketing parameters (PPC CPC, CTR, CPM, etc) to make the best out of the marketing campaigns. This definitely provides a more cost effective and sensible approach to advertising. Let us partner you in best utilizing these marketing facilities to grow your brand online!

Social Media

We use various social media tools like facebook,google plus, twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc to increase your personal connect with your customers .Sites like Face book and Google Plus help you fell the pulse of your current and potential customers by interacting with them. Nothing announces a new product launch faster than a Tweet! So let us help you get on the Social Media bandwagon and   utilize it to build your brand value .We will create and manage social media account and blogs, ensuring that they are updated regularly. By providing instant replies to queries we ensure your user interaction is at an optimal level. This translates into goodwill being generated among your customers and increased revenue through word of mouth.

Web & Graphic Design

Make the best first impression! Our team of creative designers will develop a website for you which is a beautiful combination of functionality and aesthetics. We get your message across while enhancing the User Experience (UX) with a visually compelling front-end design. Our services also include logo design. We understand that your logo defines who you are, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure it builds your brand value while looking fantastic!

Web Maintenance

Don’t let your website become outdated. It should reflect the current development in your company and also the latest technological trends. Let us help you increase your conversion rate by updating existing pages, adding new pages where required and ensuring there are no broken links. We will also update the images and incorporate new features into your website. Any new feature added will also be tested across a wide range of devices, thus ensuring your website design is always responsive. Take your pick from our fantastic yearly packages which combine a whole host of services. We will then take complete charge of your website and leave you free to focus on growing your business.

Web Security

In today’s world where most of the transactions occur online, security and privacy are the needs of the hour. Your continued relationship with your customer depends on your providing a secure environment for credit card transactions and privacy of their personal details. By installing the SSL Certificate on your website, we ensure that all the sessions it has with browsers are secured by the highest levels of encryption. We offer great deals on DV, OV and EV SSL Certificates for single or multiple websites. This is inclusive of the various sub-domains of the website. Go ahead, invest in a SSL Certificate now and provide the foundation of trust for your customers!

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