We at DesignKiwi are a team of Creative and Dynamic Web Developers and Digital Marketing Strategists, based out of Coimbatore. Our creativity and thinking outside the box is what has given us an edge and helped us build a substantial client base over the past 5 years.

We believe in bringing our client’s business vision to life via our web development solutions. With this end in mind, we offer a wide spectrum of services like Web Development and Design, Hosting and Maintenance; Domain Registration, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Services.

Our full range of services starts off with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s requirements, based on this our design team develops a custom web design that combines both creativity and functionality.

Our strategists then utilize various SEO and digital marketing tools to ensure that the website generates increased traffic leading to growing brand awareness. We ensure that this brand awareness converts into tangible sales and generates revenue for our clients. The fact that we are in charge of the web hosting works to our client’s advantage, ensuring 100% uptime and enhancing the end-user experience.